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Best Puzzle Toys For Cats

best puzzle toys for cats

In this post you’ll discover some of the best puzzle toys for cats to keep your kitty active. Bored cats soon find mischief and providing your feline friend with puzzle games is a great way to stop boredom! Just like us, cats need mental stimulation, especially if they spend a lot of time indoors. Imagine[…]

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Best Cat Chew Toys

best cat chew toys

Cat chew toys have become very popular over the past decade. Similarly to dogs, it’s important you look after your cat’s dental hygiene. Chew toys made especially for cleaning your kitty’s teeth are now as important a part of her life as scratching posts and interactive toys. Cat chew toys are available in many different[…]

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The Best Catnip Toys For Cats Your Kitty Will Love!

the best catnip toys for cats

In this post I’ll be reviewing some of the best catnip toys for cats, so you can treat your kitty! Catnip makes many felines drool with excitement. If your kitty flips at the slightest whiff of its aroma, she’ll love one of these toys. All are very safe and don’t require supervised play, but feel[…]

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Why Do Cats Love Laser Pointers And Chasing The Red Dot?

why do cats love laser pointers

Why do cats love laser pointers? This is a question frequently asked by pet parents. Watching your kitty chase that famous red dot can be great fun. It’s also great exercise for your cat, getting her off the sofa, and stretching her limbs. However are laser pointers safe for your kitty? In this post you’ll[…]