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Acupuncture In Cats

acupuncture in cats

Acupuncture in cats is something that’s becoming more popular, with more veterinary clinics offering treatment. Does it really work, and is it safe? In this article you’ll discover all about acupuncture in cats including how treatments are carried out. Plus, the type of conditions that can be treated, and what to expect. You’ll also discover[…]

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Can Cats Get Flu?

Can cats get flu? This a question often asked by pet parents worried their precious fur babies can catch this common virus. Keep reading as I reveal the truth about colds and flu, and whether your kitty can pick up these illnesses. In this post you’ll find out if cats can catch the human cold[…]

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Can Cats Get The Coronovirus?

can cats get the coronavirus

With recent widespread panic over this latest health scare, many pet parents are asking “can cats get the coronavirus?” Of course, your kitty is part of the family, and you want to do everything possible to protect her. Should you be worried though, and do you need to take any precautions?In this post you’ll discover[…]