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Best Probiotics For Cats

best probiotics for cats

What are the best probiotics for cats, and do they really work? These are questions you may have asked at one time or another, especially if your kitty has suffered intestinal problems. In this post you’ll discover what probiotics are and why gut flora is so important for your kitty’s health. I’ll be reviewing some of the best probiotics for cats, giving you an informed choice.

All can easily be added to your cat’s diet and are very safe. Please be aware that dietary supplements aren’t a quick fix, either for ourselves or our pets. It can take weeks before you see any significant results. If you’re unsure about giving your cat probiotics ask your vet first.

Your cat’s gut health

Newborn kittens have a clean, healthy gut free from bad bacteria. Soon after birth, the mother passes healthy gut bacteria onto the newborns. This is done through breast feeding, and cleaning them. It doesn’t take long before bad bacteria start entering the gut, and there’s always a constant fight between good and bad.

A lot of things can upset gut flora including antibiotics, food additives, medications, and even stress. It’s not just us that suffer diseases caused by bad bacteria, but our pets as well. Taking control by providing them with a quality probiotic is the best way to ensure your cat or dog stays healthy. Many diseases begin in the gut such as long term inflammatory illnesses, and metabolic diseases.

Probiotics as a treatment for diarrhea in cats

do cats need probiotics

If your kitty develops diarrhea it can be worrying. It’s not uncommon in cats, and there are many causes. Just as in people, a sudden change in diet may be the reason. Also, antibiotics, parasites, and inflammatory bowel disease could trigger diarrhea in your cat.

If bad bacteria overtakes the number of good bacteria in the gut, diarrhea can occur. Probiotics contain live bacteria which are the good guys. Introducing them into your cat’s diet can quickly help return a normal balance of healthy bacteria in the gut.

This can help stop diarrhea and reduce abdominal pain and discomfort. As I previously mentioned, it may not be a quick fix and could take a few days for symptoms to ease. If your cat develops chronic diarrhea you should see your vet as soon as possible.

Dehydration can set in very quickly, and loss of fluids can cause a deficiency in electrolytes. Let him or her know you’re giving your cat probiotics. Your vet will probably give your cat an electrolyte injection if it’s deemed necessary.

How probiotics can improve bowel health

Irritable bowel syndrome is very common in cats, and chances are your feline friend will develop it at some time or another in her life. It’s believed to be partly caused by commercial cat food. Many brands contain high levels of grain, as well as additives and preservatives.

It’s quite possible some of these ingredients could cause IBS. You can easily learn how to make your own cat food, which is healthier, and free from additives. Adding a probiotic to your cat’s diet can ensure her bowels keep healthy, saving you money in vet fees!

Your cat’s immune system

Your cat’s immune system is very similar to yours, and is mostly located in the gut. As previously mentioned, many diseases start within the gut. Ensuring your kitty’s gut stays healthy can lower the risk of conditions such as diarrhea, infection, IBS, and gastroenteritis.

Introducing probiotics into your kitty’s diet will certainly do no harm, and the benefits will be evident over time. You can get them either in capsule form or powder. The following are ones I recommend based on research and my own opinions. I can’t guarantee your cat will eat the probiotics, or show results advertised. In addition, I may make a small commission on any sales, but doesn’t affect the price you pay.

PRO PLAN VETERINARY DIETS Fortiflora Feline Supplement

pro plan fortiflora probiotics for cats

Pro plan fortiflora supplement contains 30 sachets. Each one contains billions of friendly, live bacteria to support your cat’s immune system. It’s safe for cats of all ages including kittens. Dosage is one sachet per day

This probiotic supplement is palatable making it easy for your cat to take. Most buyers found their cats took to the probiotic with no problem.

Many report seeing improvements to their cat’s stools within days. A few buyers found the price expensive, but then, Purina is a trusted brand.

Average rating 4.2 out of 5

You can buy PRO PLAN Fortiflora Feline Supplement here

Proviable-KP Probiotic Digestive Health Supplement Kit for Cats and Small Dogs


Proviable KP probiotic supplement is designed to help with digestive problems in both cats and dogs.

This probiotic supplement is available in capsule form, and is easy to administer. Simply break open and sprinkle onto food. In addition, you also get paste which is easy to give. This can either be squeezed onto food or try putting it on your finger for your cat to take.

The paste contains Kaolin and pectin which may help diarrhea by firming loose stools. However if symptoms persist it’s important to get your cat checked over by a vet. NEVER let diarrhea become chronic as it can quickly cause dehydration.

Proviable KP capsules contain prebiotics which act as food for the seven strains of probiotic which are also included. This helps boost effectiveness of the billions of live bacteria contained within each capsule.

Each KP probiotic digestive health supplement kit contains 10 capsules and 15ml of paste contained within a syringe. As it’s recommended to give one capsule per day, the pack will last 10 days.

Average rating 4.6 out of 5

You can buy Proviable-KP Probiotic Digestive Health Supplement Kit here

NUSENTIA Probiotics for Cats & Dogs – (120 Scoops) Probiotic Miracle – Advanced Formula to Stop Diarrhea, Loose Stool, and Yeast.

nusentia probiotics for cats and dogs

Nusentia is advertised as containing 120 billion CFU per jar. This makes each serving very effective in restoring good bacteria.

This probiotic contains 360 doses per jar, with over 360 billion live bacteria. It’s also non GMO, non dairy, and has no artificial flavourings, fillers, or additives. This is great as you’re not exposing your pet to any harmful ingredients

As it’s tasteless you can easily add it to your cat’s food without being detected! Whether kibble or wet food, Nysentia can be mixed in.

In addition, a pre-measured scoop makes it simple to get the amounts right per serving. Nusentia is advertised as containing prebiotics to encourage the growth of friendly bacteria.

Just as starting on probiotics can give us symptoms associated with detox, the same applies to cats and dogs. This is because toxins are being eliminated from the body.

For example, going to the toilet more frequently, or changes in stools. It can take up to six weeks before you really start to notice a difference in your cat’s symptoms.

Average rating 4.3 out of 5

You can buy Nusentia probiotics here

Probiotics for Cats | DigestiAid Offers Friendly Bacillus Coagulans Bacteria with Digestive Enzymes and Prebiotics | 90 Sprinkle Capsules for Fussy Pets | UK Manufactured


Digestiaid plus probiotics contains 90 sprinkle capsules per tub.

This supplement contains both prebiotics and probiotics, as well as beneficial fibre, fats, and proteins. This is great as it helps boost your cat’s intestinal health and immune system.

The capsule casing is perfectly safe for your cat to eat, but you also have the easier option of breaking them open, and sprinkling on food. This is usually a far easier way of getting your cat to take supplements or any medication.

Average rating 3.8 out of 5

You can buy Digestiaid probiotics here

VETNIQUE LABS Profivex Probiotics for Dogs and Cats: Daily Pet Digestive 5 Strain Probiotics Powder with Prebiotics & Added Fiber from Sweet Potato – Pork Liver Flavor

Profivex is available in two different size tubs and comes in powder form. There are five different strains of bacteria as well as two prebiotics. Protivex claim these five strains are the best for pets

Though both good and bad bacteria are found in the body, if your cat gets an infection she’ll have a greater number of bad bacteria. Taking a probiotic such as Profivex may help restore a healthy balance of bacteria in your cat’s gut.

The addition of sweet potato provides a good source of fiber, and, pork liver powder gives flavor. Simply sprinkle Profivex onto your cat’s food.

Profivex powder is advertised as helping your cat or dog with constipation, diarrhea, and other tummy issues. Each tub lasts two months for pets under 40lb.

A scoop is included, and it’s recommended one scoop a day unless your pet is over 40lbs! This makes it very economical for cat parents.

Average rating 4.3 out of 5

You can buy VETNIQUE LABS Profivex Probiotics for Dogs and Cats here.

Choosing the best probiotic for your cat

Hopefully, you found my reviews useful and helped you decide on the best supplement for your kitty. As with all health products both for human and pets, results vary. What may work well for one my not work so well for another. Also, cats are notoriously fussy, and some crafty kitty’s seem to know when you’ve carefully hidden tablets in their food!

Most of these probiotics are in powder or break open capsule form. If your cat refuses to eat food spiked with probiotics, you may have to resort to giving it by mouth. If the idea of giving your cat tablets scares you, read my post on how to get your cat to take a pill and not get attacked!

We’ve also looked at your cat’s gut health and using probiotics as a treatment for diarrhea. Most vets will recommend them for bouts of diarrhea and upset tummies. Though you’ll probably only be prescribed a short term course, you can give probiotics to your cat or dog long term. It’s very rare to get any complications, and the benefits to your pet’s overall health are many.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post on best probiotics for cats, please share. Also feel free to ask any questions or share experiences. Please leave your comments below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

4 thoughts on “Best Probiotics For Cats

  1. This is great awareness for cat owners. I used to have 3 cats when growing up and back then we never knew about this. But the fantastic research over the years, there is finally some science behind some illnesses and medication or supplements to help prevent these illnesses. I like the list of prebiotics too so people can start to try what’s best for their cat. Like you say, cats can be fussy and clever!!

    1. Thank you Lee:) Yes, there’s a lot more scientific evidence nowadays that shows the health benefits of probiotics. This applies to both humans and pets, with similar benefits to both. I’m glad you like the products I recommended, and I’m sure even the fussiest of cats would be ok with them!

  2. I had never heard of probiotics for cats. Thankfully, my baby is quite healthy and doesn’t seem to have any issues. It’s too bad they can’t tell us when they feel sick. I recently got a recipe book for feeding cats homemade food. It’s going to take a while to convince me to actually try it. Thank you for posting this!

    1. Thank you Cathy:) Yes, such a pity our cats are unable to tell us when they’re not feeling well! Glad you got the recipe book, and hope you get to try some of the homemade cat foods! I’m glad your cat is healthy with no issues. You may want to consider probiotics as she or he ages. Many diseases start in the gut, both for us humans and our pets:)

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