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Best Electronic Cat Toys

best electronic cat toys

Any toy that gets your cat active is great. Most are inexpensive and provide hours of fun. In this post you’ll discover some of the best electronic cat toys to encourage your furry companion get plenty of exercise

Although your cat may spend a large part of the day sleeping, she’ll probably be very active when awake. Even older cats need exercise just like senior citizens!

All the toys I’ve shared with you on this page would make perfect gifts for your kitty anytime of year. Whether Christmas, birthday, or just an excuse to treat your favorite feline companion.

Opinions are based on research and customer ratings, and I may get a small commission from any sales made. This in no way reflects the price you pay though.

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy Concealed Motion Toy,

smartykat hot pursuit cat toy

Smartycat concealed motion toy provides a fun and engaging game for your cat. A moving toy is hidden under a semi-transparent skirt, stimulating your cat’s hunting instinct.

As the toy moves erratically while hiding, it replicates movements typical of prey. Most cats are fascinated by objects moving underneath a cloth making them pounce

A flashing light attached to the spinning toy keeps your cat interested. Also, you get 3 speeds, so you can slow it down or make it go faster to keep your cat interested.

The wand is hidden most of the time but occasionally peeks out from underneath the cover. This stimulates your cat to stalk and pounce, while giving her plenty of exercise.

Young kittens may enjoy the chase at top speed, while older kitties may prefer a slower pace!

The hot pursuit toy comes with two wands that are interchangeable, giving you a spare in case your over enthusiastic kitty breaks one!

The circular cover is made from a tough, durable fabric that can resist biting and tearing. In addition, it’s also environmentally friendly and safe for your cat.

This electronic cat toy is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are included. However, one point you need to be aware of is, you need to unscrew the lid to insert them. This means you can’t put the wand in first.

Some buyers reported the batteries only lasted a few weeks, but of course, this depends on usage. My advice would be to stock up on a few AAA batteries just in case.

Average rating 4.3 out of 5

You can buy SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy Concealed Motion Toy here

SmartyKat, Loco Motion, Electronic Motion Cat Toy, Interactive Wand, With Feathers, Adjustable Speed, Battery Powered

smartykat loco motion cat toy

Smartykat loco motion toy is designed to keep your cat mentally stimulated while getting her to exercise. This is important for her wellbeing.

The feather wand moves erratically from the centre of the toy, encouraging your cat to pounce and jump. This is a great way of getting your cat to exercise.

Obesity is as dangerous for pets as it is for their owners, and regular exercise helps to keep your cat fit. You can control the speed using a knob on the base. This is great as it not only holds your cat’s interest, but makes it the perfect kitty exercise machine!

The legs are fairly stable, however some buyers reported their cats tipping it over. It may be a good idea to supervise your cat while she’s playing with it as you can easily stand it up again.

Average rating 3.8 out of 5

You can buy SmartyKat, Loco Motion, Electronic Motion Cat Toy here

PetDroid Interactive Dog/Cats Ball Toys,Durable Motion Activated Automatic Rolling Ball Toy

petdroid interactive spinning ball cat toy

Petdroid automatic rolling ball provides great entertainment for your dog or cat. Apart from a rolling mode it also has a bouncing mode. This is great for encouraging play as bouncing attracts attention!

In addition to the ball you also get two colorful tail feathers which can be attached to the hook. This stimulates your cat’s hunting instinct, making her stalk and pounce.

The ball uses rechargeable batteries that fit inside. You can easily open the ball by twisting it, and charge the batteries using the USB cable provided. Simply plug into a spare port on your laptop and let it charge up for a couple of hours.

The ball is advertised as being able to work continuously for five hours before needing to be recharged. However, it does automatically turn off after inactivity, and is motion activated.

Average rating 4 out of 5

You can buy Petdroid automatic rolling ball here

Petstages cheese chase cat toy

petstages cheese chase cat toy

Petstages cheese chase is a single track toy that can provide hours of fun. As it has three ways your cat can play with it, she’ll get plenty of mental stimulation.

The colorful mouse is stuffed with catnip making it even more attractive! In addition the track has two balls, one of which can be spun round, and the other peeks in and out of the holes.

This is great for stimulating your cat’s hunting instinct, encouraging batting, stalking and pouncing. As the base is quite heavy and sturdy, it shouldn’t tip over. However, it’s always best to supervise play.

Although this cat toy isn’t electronic I included it as it’s a fun toy providing your cat with plenty of mental stimulation.

Average rating 4.6 out of 5

You can buy Petstages cheese chase cat toy here

Asyou intelligent self rotating ball

asyou interactive cat toy ball

This self rotating ball has infrared sensors which can detect your cat as she approaches. As it’s designed to run away from your cat, it will stimulate her hunting instinct to stalk and chase.

In addition, flashing lights and sounds excite your cat even more. This is great toy for getting both cats and dogs to exercise. As previously mentioned, obesity is just as bad for your cat as it is for people.

By encouraging exercise through play, you can keep your cat mentally stimulated while keeping her fit. The same of course applies to dogs, though this ball wouldn’t be suitable for large breeds.

The fun minion design makes this self rotating ball fun for young children as well as pets! The ball is made from safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly plastic ,giving you peace of mind.

The self rotating ball is designed to avoid objects and will move away from them with erratic movements. This keeps your cat interested.

In addition, the ball will go into sleep mode after a short time if not in use. This is a great feature as it saves power and battery life!

You will need 3 AAA batteries which aren’t included. However, it’s advertised as having a long battery life. Of course, this does depend on the amount of play the toy gets.

You can buy Asyou intelligent self rotating ball here

Our Pets Twirl & Whirl Electronic Spin Toy

ourpets twirl and whirl electronic spin toy

Our Pets electronic spin toy is designed to fit onto a scratching pole. It provides a fun incentive to get your cat clawing at the pole and saving your sofa!

The colorful feather spins round erratically, exciting your cat and stimulating her to hunt and chase. It can be attached to a cat tree or pole, and can provide hours of fun.

As the toy spins in any direction your cat will remain alert and ready to pounce! In addition, you can also buy replacement feathers in case your kitty gets a bit too rough! You do get a replacement feather with the toy though.

You will need 3 AAA batteries, but you could always use rechargeable ones if you want. Wait and see how much interest the spin toy gets first before paying for rechargeable batteries.

Average rating 3.8 out of 5

You can buy Our Pets Twirl & Whirl Electronic Spin Toy here.

What toy will you get your cat?

As I’ve mentioned many times, cats are highly intelligent animals and require plenty of mental stimulation. Research has indicated that cats have an IQ level similar to a three year old child. Just like young kids they can get bored easily without play to stimulate them.

Any of the toys I’ve shared with you here will make a great gift for your feline friend any time of year. Whether Christmas or not, your kitty will enjoy playing with a new toy.

I should point out that cats can be very finicky and there’s no guarantee your cat will play with any of the toys you buy her. Some may even scare her at first, especially if they move at a fast erratic pace! Encourage your kitty by playing with her, and gently get her used to the new toy. Getting your cat to exercise through play will keep her fit and reduce the chances of obesity.

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Also, if you have any questions or would like to share your experiences of electronic cat toys, please leave your comment below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)


8 thoughts on “Best Electronic Cat Toys

  1. Wow Kathy! I enjoyed reading your post. It is obvious that you have a great love for animals, especially cats. I love cats too and have one in the house. To play I usually take some grass that has extensions similar to the whirl electronic spin toy you presented and it is her favorite game. I was very happy to see that there is such a toy! I also really like this cheese chase cat and self rotating ball toy. These are really phenomenal toys for every pet.

    1. Thank you Danijela, so glad you enjoyed this post on electronic cat toys. Good to see you have your own cat, and yes, the cheese chase, and rotating ball toy make great gifts for any pet:)

  2. Lovely selection Kathy. I love the self-rolling balls. I just hope these toys don’t mess with the cat’s hearing and stuff, though? My pets have such a rollicking time all day, as it is. Such spoilt brats they are! Thanks so much for these ideas. I may just borrow one or two.

    1. Thank you Aparna, glad you enjoyed this post:) I doubt whether any of these electronic cat toys would affect hearing as they’re all very quiet. Hope you do decide to treat your kitties:)

  3. We need to get our cats up and moving, and there’s no other way than to keep them engaging with toys. Cats mostly get attracted to feathers, cloth, strings, or small stuffed toys.

    Here are some best toys you can gift your kitty and make them feel loved, Smartykat hot pursuit cat toy concealed motion toy is fun and engaging as it’s a moving toy hidden under a transparent skirt which stimulates your cats hunting instinct which is great for your cat’s physical exercise.

    Locomotion electronic toy with a feather wand which encourages your cat to jump and pounce for your cat’s overall well-being. Period interactive ball toys are great fun for your pet as it bounces and attracts attention.

    Pet stages cheese chase cat toy that provides hours of fun and great for mental stimulation which has colorful mouse attached to it which grabs the attention of your pets.

    Pets twirl and whirl electronic spin toy which is onto a scratching pole where your cat can claw at the pole and saving your sofa. Cats are highly intelligent animals and require plenty of mental stimulation so get your cat one.

    1. Thank you Samantha, glad you enjoyed this post and liked the cat toys I shared here. All of them will get your cat active, and hope you decide to treat your kitty:)

  4. Toys are so tricky with my cat. She really only likes string, yarn, shoelaces, and catnip toys. On top of that, I must be the one playing with her. I think it’s because with my schedule I’m not around much and she wants to spend time with me. Either way, I wish she enjoyed electronic toys too.

    Great post!

    1. Thank you Karen:) I know what you mean about busy schedules and keeping cats entertained! Isn’t it funny how cats love playing with such simple things as shoelaces and yarn! Yes, catnip toys are great, but as you mentioned, it requires someone around to encourage play. My cat has a few catnip mice, but I have to throw them around for him! I agree that electronic toys are a great idea as many work intelligently nowadays, thanks to technology. This means that you don’t have to be around to initiate play. Thanks for stopping by:)

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